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February 2008



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Feb. 22nd, 2008

Gray Day! I'm Frazzled! H E L P !!!

Looking out my office window all I see is shades of gray!

My long driveway is covered with snow with a set of footprints coming and then going. The physical therapist was here to help my husband "P" get back on his feet after a car accident on Jan 14th. A township salt truck didn't stop at a stop sign, pulled out in front of P and P had no other recourse than to smack right into the side of it. The car was totaled. He was life-flighted to a hospital where he stayed for 10 days. His left lung was bleeding and when they tried to remove the blood they punctured the lung cavity and it collapsed! They had to perform surgery to insert 3 tubes that kept the lung expanded until it healed on its own.

Because of past blood clots he was on blood thinning medicine which they had to take him off of so that the lung would clot and stop bleeding. On the day they sent him home, I asked if we would have a visiting nurse and they said no. P asked if he would have a PT come to help him exercise and they said no. Two days after he was home, his left leg began to hurt tremendously up in his groin area. It became inflamed and his temp shot up to 101.5.

A friend who is a nurse visited us and said that we had to insist upon a visiting nurse. So, I called the doctor's office and said we wanted a nurse to come immediately. (I'm shortening this very long story.) A nurse came and said that we should get a sonogram of the leg because she thought it was a clot. The PCP (primary care physician) said he didn't think it was a clot but would give him a script for an MRI. We went for the MRI and they discovered a (guess what?) a clot! Back into the hospital he went for another 4 days!

He's been home now since last Monday. Finally, more than a month after the accident, he's beginning to feel better with the help of both visiting nurse and PT. Why don't doctors listen to their patients? We tend to know more than doctors think we do.

For me, this has been a very stressful time period as caregiver. I've been out exactly 4 different times on my own since the accident occurred. Three times were work related and yesterday I went out to buy P some presents as it was his birthday.

Caregiving isn't an easy job! Especially when I'm the only one able to do anything at all here at our new house as we just moved on December 18th! Need I say that we are not even half way finished emptying the boxes that fill one half of our garage!

On top of all else, my computer, the one I'm now working on went kaflooey a week ago -- I'm typing while it continues to do all these really bizarre things! My mouse clicks constantly and moves things around on my screen like ghosts. The screen goes half dark when I try to use the cursor. I've lost my calendar and my address book and can't find it anywhere! This thing is going back to the Apple Store WHEN I CAN FIND THE TIME to get it fixed!!!

Thank Goddess that my friend Gwelt told me about this live journal! I think it will be my saving grace! I really need to vent! I know I'll be okay! It's just that I didn't see myself being the only one capable of doing anything at all around the house for such a long period of time right after moving! It was supposed to be a team effort!

Don't get me wrong! P is the best patient in the world. He thanks me constantly for what I'm doing for him. I know that he is tired of it all too and can't wait to get back into the game of life! I'm just sooooo tired!

If anyone has any words of encouragement -- PLEASE -- send them my way! I can certainly use them!